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I adore heels & cardigans, and anything else that make me smile. oh, and i'm in love with the greatest guy ever!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

he finally caught me.

I waited so long to feel whole again to fell as though maybe I could fall for some one else. But then there you were as you always are, and I fell right back in love with you. The only difference this time is that you caught me.

my body makes me giggle.

When I cross my arms over my torso my body thinks for a split second that you’re holding me because you do it so often, I can’t help but smile at the fact that my body misses you so much it mistakes itself for you.


Every time you kiss me I turn as red as a strawberry. but that’s ok because I love strawberries, but no where near as much as i love your kisses.

Friday, September 11, 2009

these nights i spend alone

So many nights there has been that I’ve spent starring at the stars wondering where you are. Wondering if you’re thinking about me, or whether you’re thinking of another girl. How I’ve longed to be with you on these nights, just to be in your arms and to have the warmth of your body surround me is all I ever wish for.

to be happy

To be happy means simply to be satisfied with your life, and as long as I have you are in my life, I will be satisfied.

that spark

You always do this to me. You always know just how to relight that spark inside of me. And to be honest, I live for that feeling; I live to feel that spark inside of me burn like wild fire. This is the feeling you give me.

my heart beat

Even from the simple thought of you name my heart beat quickens, for it longs to be close to you, just as I long for you always.

the heart wants what the heart wants

The heart wants what the heart wants; none of us have anymore power over what we feel than we do over when the sun rises and falls.

one word from you

You really have no idea do you of how you can make me feel better with one word when no one else can make me happy with endless sentences.

i'm so happy

It seems I’m getting my wish, how I’ve longed for it, and I do believe I don't remember the last time I was quite so happy, you did this to me and for that I thank you.


I would rather fight with you than kiss anyone else.

our love affair

I wonder if our love affair could last forever, if that would be true then please find a moment longer, because with you forever seems like a day.

when you're away

Though you’re miles away I feel like you’re right next to me,
in the morning, when the sun streams through my parted curtains, it feels as if your hands are on my skin. The next time I see you, I swear, I will kiss you and it will be everything and more than I expected it to be.